Why can’t I sign in?

Buyer – If you are not pre-registered as a buyer you will need to register. Once registered you will either be approved or denied and notified within 10 minutes of registration request. If approved you will receive and email with your login info. Brand – Please make sure you are using the login email provided to you by your Immersia rep. If you are having trouble with the password please use the rest password link.

Do you have to be 21+ to use the platform?

I forgot my password - how do I retrieve it? Please use the forgot password link. If you are a brand your password reset will be sent to your Immersia email account. If you are a buyer your password reset will be sent to your personal address.

Will I be able to access my account after the virtual trade Immersia Connect is over?


How long after the tradeshow can I access my account? 2 weeks

2 weeks

How will I receive the scan of my booth?

Immersia rep will email you a link to your scan a week post event.

How do dispensaries get the interest POs over to the brands of distributors?

A PO is generated when the dispensary goes through the checkout process.

Can dispensaries request samples from brands?

Yes. Please use the chat, messaging or zoom function on the platform to connect directly with the brand regarding samples. Immersia Connect does not have samples to provide.

Can fans and the general public go on Immersia Connect?

Immersia Connect is an industry trade-show and is only open to brands and buyers. Immersia Talks will be open to the public.